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Value & Pricing

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ALL services come with a FREE CONSULTATION.

It is our goal to serve our clients with both knowledge & transparency. To provide the best service, at the best price, using the highest quality products available.

As you look through our pricing guide for the services we offer, please keep in mind, we treat you as an individual, with individual needs. Pricing may vary based on your specific needs, as well as, promotions & discounts.


Women: $400 (every 3 to 4 months)

Men: $700 (every 5 to 6 months)

1st labs $125

Post labs $75

(Labs are once per year, before & after 1st procedure)

Weight Loss Program

$350 per month
(includes initial extensive body & weight analysis, labs, weekly injections, coaching & support). 


We use the award winning SkinPen. Generally 3-6 treatments are needed for desired effects. The treatments are done once every 18-30 days. This is for mild skin discoloration, scars, acne scars, fine lines & wrinkles, large pores, & much more. 

Microneedling with Exo E: $500

3 Treatment Package: $1400 (Save $100)

6 Treatment Package: $2800 (Save $200)

ADVATx Laser:

Again, generally 3-6 treatments are needed for optimal results. 3 treatments work for most, but for more extensive skin issues, further treatment could be indicated. This laser is the world's only medical, solid state laser producing both 589nm & 1319nm wave lengths, safe for all skin types, with over 25 FDA/CE cleared indications. There is also no social downtime, as you see with other procedures. Prices vary (up & down) based on patient specific areas & need, we tailor everything we offer, to you.

Laser (one area): $750

3 Treatment Package: $2100 (Save $150)

6 Treatment Package: $4050 (Save $450)

Additional areas: $100/area per treatment



NAD: $35

GAC: $35

MIC: $35

B12: $20

IV Drips:

Any combination: $250

Family Medicine Visit: $75

Begin your journey today by booking a FREE CONSULTATION.

Please Call Us Today: 864-419-7896 or fill out the contact form below.

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